What is PULSE? PULSE Prize

The PULSE Prize is a jury awarded cash grant given to an artist of distinction featured in a solo exhibition at the fair.

This season’s PULSE Jury, an invitational guest panel that awards the PULSE Prize, was composed of Kathy Battista, Director, Contemporary Art, Sotheby’s Institute of Art NY; Paddy Johnson, Founder and Editorial Director, Art F City; Julia Kaganskiy, Director of NEW INC, New Museum; and Alice Gray Stites, Museum Director and Chief Curator, 21c Museum Hotels. The winner of the Prize – eligible for receipt by an artist who is featured in a solo exhibition at the fair – was announced on Friday, May 9th at PULSE Presents, a celebratory event from 6pm-9pm that began with a PULSE Perspectives roundtable discussion featuring the jurors as they reviewed the nominees.

The PULSE New York 2014 PULSE Prize winner is: Hassan Hajjaj [Moroccan] – GUSFORD | los angeles [IMPULSE] Los Angeles, CA


Arles del Rio [Cuban] – Times Square Arts and Cuban Artists Fund New York, NY
Brea Souders [American] – Uprise Art New York, NY
Daniel Temkin [American] – TRANSFER [POINTS] Brooklyn, NY
Hassan Hajjaj [Moroccan] – GUSFORD I los angeles [IMPULSE] Los Angeles, CA
Laurent Lamarche [Canadian] – Art Mûr Montréal, Canada
Luca Pignatelli [Italian] – Jerome Zodo Contemporary Milan, Italy
Matteo Basilé [Italian] Guidi&Schoen Contemporary Art Genoa, Italy
Marko Tadić [Croatian] – Ikon Arts Foundation [POINTS] New York, NY
Nikolai Makarov [Russian] – MIMI FERZT GALLERY New York, NY
Raquel Maulwurf [Spanish/Dutch] – Livingstone Gallery The Hague, Netherlands
RETNA [American] – Coburn Projects New York, NY / London, UK
Tegene Kunbi [Ethiopian] – Margaret Thatcher Projects New York, NY
Thomas Witte [American] – Davidson Contemporary New York, NY


PULSE New York 2013: Marjolijn De Wit (OTTO ZOO)
PULSE Miami 2013: Cristina De Middel (Black Ship)
PULSE New York 2012: Sigrid Viir (Temnikova & Kasela Gallery)
PULSE Miami 2012: Nadine Wottke (WIDMER + THEODORIDIS Contemporary)
PULSE Los Angeles 2011: Alexander Massouras (Skylight Projects)
PULSE New York 2011: David Ellis (Joshua Liner Gallery)
PULSE Miami 2011: Larissa Nowicki (Man&Eve)
PULSE New York 2010: Johanna Unzueta (RJ Fine Arts)
PULSE Miami 2010: Jorge Diaz-Torres (Rica Gallery)
PULSE New York 2009: Eric Beltz (Morgan Lehman)
PULSE Miami 2009: Okay Mountain (Arthouse)
PULSE New York 2008: Philip Gurrey (Madder 139)
PULSE Miami 2008: Emilio Chapela Perez, Chen Chieh-Jen (EDN)
PULSE New York 2007: Chris Natrop (BANK)
PULSE Miami 2007: Duke Riley (Magnan Projects)
PULSE Miami 2006: Travis Somerville (Nathan Larramendy Gallery)