What is PULSE? Projects

PULSE Art Fair’s signature Pulse Projects program is committed to the presentation and promotion of audience-engaging large-scale sculptures, installations and performances.

2014 PULSE Projects included:


    Early One Morning, 2014
    Presented by Curatorial Research Lab @ Winkleman Gallery

    Andy Yoder’s new sculpture, Early One Morning, is titled after a work by the late Anthony Caro, who was one of the founders of Triangle Workshop, which Yoder later participated in and credits with greatly boosting his career. The title also references Hurricane Sandy, which is depicted on the globe heading into the East Coast of the United States, which was happening when Yoder first started the sculpture. 


    LOAD, 2012
    Presented by beta pictoris gallery / MAUS CONTEMPORARAY


    The monumental scaled painting LOAD shows the interior of a 1970's era bank where Brink's guards are loading carts with bags of US currency. The currency is not seen, but the idea of the transference of value is palpable. There is an underlying tension in this frozen moment, one that speaks to an accumulation of value and its transience that reflects our superficiality and even our own mortality.


    Fruits of Our Land, 2014
    Presented by LMAKProjects

    Jasmina Cibic has assimilated elements from her installation at the Slovenian Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennial to offer an immersion into a narrative. The walls of Cibic’s installation will be transformed through graphic wallpaper which feature an obsessively repetitive scientific illustration of an endemic Slovene beetle and photographic works from the series "Fruits of Our Land" that are part of the project. 


    Poet Sculpture, 2013
    Presented by Freight + Volume

    The Poet Sculpture is a performance based sculpture that is performed by poets. It was conceived and created by artist Samuel Jablon. The installation is a moveable platform, made out of different sized crates. Each individual crate is designed for a departed writer. Performers interact with Julia de Burgos, Jayne Cortez, ee cummings, Allen Ginsberg, Barbara Guest, Langston Hughes, Tuli Kupferberg, Taylor Mead, Frank O'Hara, and Pedro Pietri.


    Presented by AKArt

    For Pulse New York, Sean Fader is the #wishingpelt.   Visitors to the #wishingpelt will whisper their wish in his ear, run their hands through his chest hair, and seal the wish with selfie tagged on Instagram or Twitter with #wishingpelt.  Fader’s chest hair has been imbued with the magic of the ages. One rub of his prodigious body beard, and your problems become ancient history. Wishes will be kept private photos will be made public on wishingpelt.com.  Visitors will also be invited to purchase a single lucky chest hair amulet as a souvenir.  This amulet includes a tiny capsule that enshrines a single strand of Fader’s famed fur. Wearing this necklace will provide more than enough lucky mojo to make all your dreams come true.


    YOU ARE YOU, 2014

    Shantell Martin continues to expand on the idea of trying to find our WAY, deconstructing the answer YOU ARE YOU. Through this installation viewers will be able to connect with Shantell¹s experience and become a part of the canvas, in an immersive space that is an exploration of her conscious process through lines and words.


    The Whitney Museum of Central American Art, A Post-Apocalyptic Dream, 2014
    Presented by MARTE Contemporary

    MARTE Contemporary (MARTE-C) at MARTE Museum, El Salvador presents a site-specific installation by Simón Vega titled The Whitney Museum of Central American Art, a Post-Apocalyptic Dream. The projects offers a ‘third world’, futuristic and tropical version of Marcel Breuer's Modernist masterpiece.


    All the World’s Affair, 2014

    Tamara Gayer culls the broader history of trade fairs to investigate the notion of an art fair in this moment. Using the image of New York’s historic 1939 World Fair combined with patterns resulting from a google search for the term ‘Pulse’, Gayer produces an installation that frames the entrance to the fair. The resulting image plastered directly onto the entrance windows of the Metropolitan Pavilion, balances aesthetic concerns, pattern recognition and economic perspectives to sound an opening bell and simultaneously create a brief pause before entering the melee.


    PRESENT LIFE, 2012-2013

    Zoe Buckman’s most recent body of work, PRESENT LIFE, is an exploration of time and life’s transient nature.  Using photography, neon, and sculpture, the series is an investigation of mortality and, specifically, of the fleeting moment when something living begins to perish.