What is PULSE? PULSE Projects

PULSE Art Fair’s signature Pulse Projects program is committed to the presentation and promotion of audience-engaging large-scale sculptures, installations and performances.

  • Shayne Dark

    Tangle Wood, 2010
    Wood, paint
    8 x 18 x 10 ft (244 x 549 x 305 cm)
    Courtesy of the artist and Art Mûr, Montreal, Booth C14

    Tangle Wood is a large installation reminiscent of log driving activities that took place across North American rivers during the development of paper industries. In reality, the cedar poles used in making this extensive work were initially destined to adorn Ontario highways. Judged either too short or too big to fulfil this purpose, they were recuperated by the artist. Painted in a rich shade of blue, the logs were interlaced to form a dynamic structure that recalls the movement of water; the wood pieces seem to emerge from the ground as much as sink into the soil. By its monumental scale, Tangle Wood confronts the visitor with conflicting physical forces that simultaneously amaze and intimidate.

  • Jenna Spevack

    Bird’s of Brooklyn, 2013
    Sound installation
    Courtesy of the artist and Mixed Greens, New York, Booth B6

    Birds of Brooklyn: Migration Miami by artist Jenna Spevack is an audio installation that brings the sounds of displaced, endangered, and bygone birds to sites in Brooklyn and Miami. Bird songs that are rarely heard in densely populated metropolitan neighborhoods are projected to create a dialogue between the feathered ghosts from these two areas. Visitors and passersby may hear over twenty different recordings, including the Northern Bobwhite, Eastern Bluebird, Cape Sable Sparrow, and Florida Scrub-jay. The project aims to reconnect city dwellers with sounds of native birds and raise awareness about declining bird populations in urban environments. (BirdsOfBrooklyn.org)